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  • From Penny Pinching Paperclip Counters to Misogynistic Menopausal Masochists, everyone has had a Boss from Hell.
Take a read and take comfort. You're not alone.
These stories are all true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the truly wicked!

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Taylor Swift

is there anyone left there?

Taylor Swift

She is a nasty woman GLORIA


she reminds me of a bacon sandwich

Bradley (not S-Club)

I can't even look at another pork scratching after working under Gloria. And I don't mean the phrase 'under' literally, I think it would only be possible to hump-back on that whale. (My keyboard just vomited at having to type such imagery)

Huge love for the article! Huuge hate for the boss! Huuuge snaggle-tooth!

Glad to have left "In form ers"

This is the worst place ever to work in the history of human existance.

The boss is a psycho power mad lunatic who looks like a genetic mutation of a inbreed mutilated pig that shagged Saten after a 10 hour Stella bender.

Young kids are exploited every day and staff are either unpaid or on minimum wage working extra hours for no extra pay.

There is never a thank you, a please or any appreciation of your work.

It is the most stressed out environment on planet earth - you would rather be on the front line in Afganistan with a pin missing from your hand grenade than this dump in Hammersmith.

Rotten, evil and sickening are words that come to mind (i can think of many more).

I hate that women, I hate that place and everyone who reads this and knows what "business" I am talking about will agree.

BUT... all the staff I meet were wonderful people and I hope you have all gone onto much better things (impossible not to if you've still got a pulse). If this "business" had been run by a human being and the staff had been left to get on with their jobs then it would have been a massive success but hey psycho knew better and now look at it.

Any sane person would rather visit an STD clinic than return to this dump.


Hey!! Why did you delete my comment!? It looks like it is in4merz!!


Vicky, you forgot to add that she had us on minimum wage, regularly worked us till 9 or 10pm (unpaid), made us take sick days as holidays, oh, and our holiday entitlement worked out to be about 14 days per year (she said it was 21 - minus bank hols, public hols and xmas! ha!)


ive just sent this to the whole office and we cannot believe it!

Twin Baby Killer!

Incredibly accurate and my only hope is that this 'Boss from hell' is brought to punishment. By punishment I mean either burnt on the stake or a visible audience drowning!!! How one individual can cause such destructive misery to so many people is beyond me ... Not to mention the worst managerial and interpersonal skills known to man! Human .... I think not!


lol love it x

Boss from Hell

All stories on this blog are unbelievable yet true - the hard thing to believe is that people like this not only exist but hold positions of power.


omg this is unbelievable!!! the funny thing is it is all actually true!!!

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